Android is the preferred platform of those who like variety and flexibility in their devices – and that is always a great market to target when expanding your business. Android gives much more freedom in their business applications and it is hands down the most popular platform which allows you to reach a wider and more open minded crowd through applications.

Android devices are varied, and the possibilities of customizing and designing a business application are endless. This is why it is important that you rest the responsibility of developing your next big business application in the hands of experts here at Sanmark. Our prices are extremely reasonable which gives you an added advantage in allocating your budgets for a development project.

Go through the following packages and pick the one which suits you the best.

  • 40 hours –   $1500 Per Month – $37.50 Per Hour
  • 80 hours –  $2500 Per Month – $31.25 Per Hour
  • 160 hours  –  $4600 Per Month – $28.75 Per Hour

Payments are settled at the end of every month.

Compare the packages and determine what the best is for you!


You will get a free trial of one whole day with your preferred developer before you finalize your decision.

This is an unmatched offer you get ONLY from us!