Using a CMS (Content Management System) to run your website is a great choice. Regardless of the scale of your need and purpose of it, a CMS will always make it easy to add new content and change old content in your website.

There are various types of Content Management Systems out there, that are tailored for various purposes. You can find ones that lets you run blogs without any hassle. There are ones that you can use to create an online marketplace with minimum amount of work involved. You can find ones that you can use to manage your projects as well!

WordPress is an example for a CMS that lets you run both blogs and websites. It is the most popular one, and a vast community of users are formed around it. So it is very easy to find support and third party plugins and themes for WordPress based websites.

Plugins are pieces of software that introduce additional functionality to your WordPress websites. Themes are software that manages the appearance of the websites.

WooCommerce is a CMS that runs on top of WordPress, but it is an ecommerce oriented one, that enables you to run your own online shop. You can sell stuff to any number of customers, and accept payments for them. Prestashop too is an ecommerce oriented CMS that allows you to run online businesses.

Here at Sanmark we provide great quality services with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Prestashop, so that you can have the website you need with a great maintainability and reliability.