Experienced Dedicated Software Developers and Engineers

Create Custom Software

Experienced Dedicated Software Developers and Engineers

Sanmark Dedicated Developer program assigns you developers who will work exclusively on your project.

Create Custom Software

From the beginning of the project, we will assign someone who you will get to know and trust which will make it easier for you to communicate successfully, especially for large projects requiring a long period of time to complete.

Why do you need a Dedicated Developer?

Every Software Development project is unique from one another, and therefore, having someone working exclusively on your ensures that your particular project gets complete attention that it requires to provide a quality end result.
Today software development is usually based in collaboration. Unless you have an unlimited budget, it will be hard for you to be able to maintain yourself at the vanguard of development. Because of this, it is useful to take advantage of development projects under the outsourcing model. This model represents an option that brings agility and quality; it will also help complement the development and in-house teams of any technology company.

Sanmark Dedicated Developers

Each and every one of our dedicated developers are trained to handle projects independently with the highest level of professionalism and skill. Therefore, you always have the reassurance that there is an experienced set of eyes on your project at all times, making sure your project is done on time and on the best way possible.























Our Promise

  • Availability
  • Professionalism
  • Experience
  • High level of Security
  • Convenience

What we offer

  • Free trial with an developer for a day.
  • Up to 160 hours guaranteed work. (Go through our detailed packages)
  • HubStaff time tracking tool – Real time progress reports through screenshots
  • Direct communication with the developer through your preferred communication channel (Email, Skype, or Slack.)
  • Responsible company guarantee about the quality of work.
    We have in-house quality assurance and supervision in place to make sure we provide the best service!
  • Replacement of developers if any issues occur
  • Cancel at any time with only 7 days prior notice. No long term commitments from your side.
  • 10x brain power for the price of one – We will assign an expert developer to oversee all the projects without any added cost

Note: Your convenience is our goal. Talk to us for customized fee structures!

Why hire our developers?

  • All our developers have more than 3 years of industry experience.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Highly experienced in version controlling source code using industry standard Git version controlling system.
  • Highly experienced in project management, communication, and development tools like HubStaff, BaseCamp, Redmine, GitLab, Slack, Skype and more.
  • All our developers are experienced in server management technologies like SSH, FTP, and more.
  • Experience in Linux, Windows, and MacOS operating systems.
  • Constantly updated knowledge about latest technologies, reusable libraries and packages.
Thoughts from Happy Clients
A conversation is the first step in implementing a high-quality software solution.

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