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PHP is arguably the most popular website and web application development language in the world. Thanks to PHP’s immense popularity, servers capable of hosting websites and applications written in PHP can be found much cost effectively.
PHP results in faster site loading speeds and the benefits of using this language are numerous. In order to utilize the benefits of this cost effective language more efficiently, you should go for a team of PHP experts whose charges won’t outrun your budget. That is where we come in! Since the very beginning of this company, PHP has been a familiar language to our software developers. They have worked in a variety of successful PHP projects with very satisfying results for both the clients and the developers alike.
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  • 40 hours – $1100 Per Month – $27.50 Per Hour
  • 80 hours – $2000 Per Month – $25.00 Per Hour
  • 160 hours – $3600 Per Month – $22.50 Per Hour
  • 40 hours – $1840 Per Month – $46 Per Hour
  • 80 hours – $3120 Per Month – $39 Per Hour
  • 160 hours – $5760 Per Month – $36 Per Hour
Payments are settled at the end of every month.
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