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What is IT Staff Augmentation

Dedicated software engineers is another model of talent outsourcing that uses temporary workers to fill in job-positions in order to complete a project or task. Unlike with outsourcing, you have greater control over the project and the team.

There are many benefits of hiring dedicated software engineers for businesses:

  • Ability to hire staff based on needs: With an IT staff augmentation service provider, you can hire technical talent to fill the gaps in your workforce on both a short or long-term basis.
  • Access to a larger talent pool: Get easy access to a large pool of diverse talents and experience.
  • Cost effective: This model of outsourcing helps you save money over time, because you only hire the talent you need for that particular moment, rather than hiring several full time workers. With staff augmentation IT you can hire the talent you need, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Saves time: Hiring new staff is very time consuming; with advertising vacancies, screening, interviews etc, hence this way you can save a lot of time (and money of course).
  • Gives you control over your team: Rather than placing the successful completion of your project in the hands of unknown people, IT staff augmentation allows you to build a short-term team, giving you greater control over the project work.
  • Greater flexibility: IT Staff augmentation allows you to expand or shrink your team over time, as you deem necessary. Replacing staff members is easy and fast, and you don’t have to face the unpleasantness of firing employees.

At Sanmark Solutions, we specialize in providing dedicated software engineering expertise services tailored for the dynamic global markets. Our commitment is to ensure that your specialized software project staffing requirements are met with precision and excellence, leveraging our top-tier talent pool in various technological domains. Our team encompasses a diverse range of skilled professionals, including:

  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Scrum masters
  • Tech Leads
  • QA Engineers
  • Software Engineers with experience in various tech stacks

All these personal are full-time employees of Sanmark Solutions, which means they are already fully conversant in their specific areas of expertise, have hands-on experience and are reliable, leaving no room for mistakes or misconduct.


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When Would You Need IT Staff Augmentation Services?

  • For project-based requirements: Engaging dedicated software engineers for individual projects eliminates the time and expense of hiring full-time staff.
  • If you already use staff augmentation IT and need to change talents, it is much easier to replace someone from a pool of personnel rather than firing and hiring full-time employees.
  • If your existing team is overwhelmed with projects and you need to hire more team members quickly.
  • If you are looking to improve your existing software team, but don’t want to hire full-time.
  • If you want to minimise your overheads and staffing costs, but still need top talent.


Our Process for IT Staff Augmentation

Successful project completion requires resources and talent, which unfortunately can be difficult to find. With Sanmark Solutions, these concerns are a thing of the past. As a leading staff augmentation service provider, we offer immediate access to our pool of dedicated software engineers and IT professionals to meet both your short and long-term staffing needs globally.

We use a tried and tested process for determining the best talent for your needs.

  • Determining your requirements: This is the initial and most important step in the entire process. Outlining your outsourcing goals helps us to allocate the best personnel for your specific needs, taking into account your company’s culture and environment.
  • Choosing the right talent: Next, we will screen all our staff to ensure that we choose only the best suited people for your project.
  • Talent on-boarding: Once the personnel are chosen according to your requirements, they will be given clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • On-going support: We will provide continuous support to you with regard to your new team members from Sanmark Solutions, to ensure that nothing goes wrong mid-project.

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Why Opt for Our IT Staff Augmentation Services?

Sanmark Solutions is the premier choice for dedicated software engineers and IT staff augmentation services, especially for businesses. Here are key reasons to choose us:

In-House Talent

We already have experienced personnel with expertise in their chosen areas who are working on active projects, so you know you are getting people who are talented and up-to-date on the latest developments.

Vast Range of Expertise

We have a wide range of personnel with diverse talents and expertise, who are ready to step in and help boost your team.


We are well-experienced in providing software solutions for diverse industries, using many different technologies and methodologies.

Legally Binding

We enter into a legally binding contract with you regarding your staffing needs, so you can be assured of our continuing services to you no matter what.


We are very flexible when it comes to offering our IT staff augmentation services and will assist you with whatever you need, whether you want to expand or shrink your team over time. You can even switch staff members as you require, if you feel that someone is not a good fit for your project.


We assure you of the best pricing in the market for top talent.

Don’t wait any longer! Get the talent that you require now through IT staff augmentation services, with Sanmark Solutions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Outsourcing dedicated software engineers helps you to expand and strengthen your development team for more efficient delivery of projects but without the hassle of recruiting full-time employees, such as advertising, paperwork and worries about turnover rates. It is much faster than recruiting new employees and reduces your costs to just a fraction of what you would spend if you hired full-time staff. If you want to replace any team members, this too can be done easily and efficiently, so as not to hinder your ongoing project work.
    • Definitely not! We offer professional team members from our own pool of talents and expertise, so they are fully conversant with their specific roles and responsibilities. In addition they are well aware of how companies operate, in terms of discipline and other internal matters. This means that they can start working as soon as they join your team, and there is no need for any time spent on training them.
    • There are a few risks involved with outsourcing dedicated software engineers, but these can be easily resolved. Issues that may arise include:
    • Communication problems
    • Time zone differences
    • Legal concerns
    • Fear of lack of motivation and commitment
    • This is why it is important to get IT staff augmentation services for your Melbourne or Sydney based business, from a reputed and experienced provider like Sanmark Solutions. We have been in the software development industry a long time, and have chosen the right talent and expertise for our projects, and it is these same personnel that we will share with you for your project. We will enter into legally binding contracts, so you won’t have to fear uncertainties in that aspect. Call us today and let’s discuss how we can help you with your staffing needs.
    • At Sanmark Solutions, we care about both our employees and our customers. We ensure that our staff have open communication at any given time in order to voice their concerns and it is the same for our customers as well. By providing an excellent, developmental environment to work in, we ensure that our pool of talent is always happy and excited to start working on any new or existing project. Plus, we are already a software development company who uses this same talent for our own projects. Need we say more?
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