03 November 2022

'geff harper'

The team at Sanmark have been a key part of the recent success and growth of Engaging.io. Kosala and Buddy* are very responsive and have worked hard with us to create a strong partnership and an impressive team of developers. The development team is very well-skilled, conscientious, and has the ability to think holistically when problem-solving (a huge asset for software engineering), and they work seamlessly with our own team. I can thoroughly recommend Sanmark.

(Geff Harper, Head of UX & Design, Engaging.io)

Engaging.io is a long-term Australian client, and we have worked with them for nearly 3 years. Our arrangement with Engaging.io provides them with Dedicated Software Engineers, and we outsource our talented engineers to Engaging.io.

Through the partnership with Engaging.io, our engineers gained a lot of experience using different technologies and projects. With them, we have completed many projects from various categories. A few are E-commerce web development projects, CRM projects, API integration projects, real estate projects, LMS, booking systems, and payment gateways. The technologies primarily used with Engaging.io are, Laravel, Hubspot, AWS, Google Cloud, serverless functions, Node.js, message brokers and more.

We follow the Agile project management methodology in all our projects with Engaging.io. We use the latest and most effective communication technologies to keep everyone in sync. To share the working progress of the projects, we have a daily stand-up meeting through online conferencing. We use the Jira platform to keep track of the task assigned accurately. We also use Slack for quick and easy communication.

The team cultures of Engaging.io and Sanmark match perfectly, as both companies foster enthusiastic and friendly interactions between all team members. That is an important reason for the continuation of our long-term relationship.

Our Project Team