Do you have a development project, for which you need a front end built? With experience of creating front ends for web based software for a number of years, we can help you.

We will use AngularJS to build your front end. AngularJS is a popular web application development framework created by the search giant Google. We guarantee the use of properly modulated code, the cleanliness of the code, and the ease of understanding for humans. When we deliver the finalized product to you, you will have a proper code base that is ready to be deployed and be built upon.

We use automated testing like Unit Testing and Functional Testing, and manual tests like acceptance tests. The product will go through a thorough QA process before it is considered done.

Throughout the development process, we use version controlling to keep track of code changes. Our version controlling system of choice is Git, and we have our own GitLab installation to host our code. To keep track of issue reports, we use the integrated issue reporting system in GitLab, so that no report goes unnoticed.

Before starting to write a single line of code, we thoroughly study your requirements, group brainstorm potential solutions, and provide you with proposals on how we plan to address the requirements. We will keep you in the loop, so that you can always send feedback and your voice will be always heard.

Convinced that we’re the best? Talk to us today.