Custom Software Development for Melbourne

Tailor-made software systems will boost productivity and support you in growing your business to your dream level.

We help Melbourne businesses develop innovative and efficient tailor-made software solutions.

Create Custom Software

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Custom Software Development

Tailor-made software systems will boost productivity and support you in growing your business to your dream level.

We help businesses develop innovative and efficient tailor-made software solutions.

Create Custom Software

Sanmark Solutions

Custom Software Development

Innovative Software Tailor-made 100% for Your Business Success

Finding an excellent software development company to match your preferences can be difficult, and coordinating with large firms can be expensive and time-consuming.

Partnering with the correct provider will save you dollars and give the best result. Custom software development teams of Sanmark Solutions specialise in every process step to deliver the best possible solution to you.

You don’t need to worry about anything. We are an experienced expert company trusted by Australians with more than 14 years of experience working on software development and web application development projects. As a software company expanding our client base in Australia we guarantee you 100% excellence for all your software requirements with our passion for our craft, which every client will find to be a powerful weapon for their goals.

Our Process

Steps to Success

We follow a methodological process to take your software project from vision to reality. It involves open and honest communication, timely actions, frequent deliverables, and thorough reviews.

1. Client Approach

This is where the magic begins. You take the first step by deciding to give us a call, send us an email, or drop us a message through one of the contact forms on our website. Once we receive your message, our team will get right back to you for more information and answer any questions you may have.

2. Requirement Analysis

This starts with a 2 Hours of free of charge consultation with no commitments from you, so there is no need to hesitate. After the initial communication, one or more of our Business Analysts will meet with you online to gather your requirements for your exciting new project. Whether or not we would charge you for this detailed analysis will depend on the scope and the scale of the project. It can involve a couple of meetings to fine-tune your needs. Our Business Analysts will produce the “Software Requirements Specification” (SRS) document at this stage. At the end of this step, we will give you a preliminary estimate of the cost and time for the project. If you agree with it, we can proceed to the next stage, or we can make the necessary changes until it matches your budget.

3. Solution Architecture

Our Solutions Architects will jump on the project at this point. They will study the “Software Requirements Specification” (SRS) document the Business Analysts prepared and envision the best solution for your requirements. We will keep you fully informed and work with you to ensure our architecture aligns with what you have in mind. At the end of this stage, we will give you a “Software Solution Specification” (SSS) for your approval.

4. Solution Development

This is the exciting part where everything will come to life! We follow the “Scrum Practises” that are known to produce timely results to manage the development portion of the project. You will be able to directly involve in the development process by reviewing results at the end of each “Sprint”. A “Sprint” is usually 2 weeks. Thanks to this approach, you will have something tangible to check and review from the beginning of the project. You don’t have to wait till the end of the project to get your hands on the product as some other companies may have you do.

5. Solution Testing

Parallel to the development, our Quality Assurance Engineers, would ensure that the software being developed matches all the quality specifications of the project. We will also ensure the best security standards are implemented in your software system. Performance of the software is also a key factor we consider when testing our products. Our Quality Assurance Engineers use proven technologies, tools, and methodologies to ensure that the final product is top-notch.

6. Solution Finalization

Once the development team is done going through all the sprints, and we have software built following the “Software Requirements Specification” (SRS) and “Software Solution Specification” (SSS) document we produced earlier, we can declare the product as completed. At this stage, we can deploy the software to an online server, or devices of your choice, as per the nature of the project. You can also send us your finalising comments and reviews on the product.

7. Future Requirements

Software and requirements are not static; they are constantly changing. You will get more ideas on improving your shiny new software during the above stages. Once we release the initial version of the product, we can begin the cycle again. We will analyse your fresh new requirements and kick-start work on them again.

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Why Choose Sanmark

High Quality

We are 100% committed to delivering high-quality, reliable and efficient custom software solutions for your requirements. We have many satisfied clients in Australia that value us for the peace of mind that our services provide them. 

Efficient Communication

We always make sure we get your requirements precisely right. Our communication systems are fully updated and convenient, and our teams are excellent at communicating professionally.


We are a company with 14 years of software industry experience and have successfully completed projects for various industries and clients. With our expertise, our engineers can work on any type of project and complete it on time. 


We are flexible in achieving your ideas, focusing on the quality of the project result. You can freely present your ideas anytime to achieve the best result. 

Fast Delivery

We promise to give you the best with no delays. Our software engineers have years of experience in handling time-sensitive deliverables with care. Our teams use accurate project planning methods to deliver your project on time with high quality.

Affordable Pricing

Affordability is a crucial factor when choosing the provider for your software needs. Sanmark takes pride in providing the highest quality services with an affordable price tag.

High Security

We follow security best practices to ensure that your data, requirements, and business secrets are safe with us while we work with you and even after that. Security is an essential part of all the software systems we design and develop.

Updated Technology

Technology in the world is changing rapidly. At Sanmark, we are up to date with what the technology has to offer and leverage it for the full benefit of our valued clients.

Thoughts from Happy Clients
A conversation is the first step in implementing a high-quality software solution.

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We are here to attend to all your inquiries!

We hate spam too, and we never share your data and protect them securely.

Sanmark Solutions


Most Common Questions
About Our Service

While the exact financial cost of a project depends on various factors, including the size of the team, technologies used, and the amount of time taken, Sanmark Solutions will analyse your requirements and provide you with a proper estimate of cost and time before you commit to a project with us. You will then be free to request any adjustments necessary to make your project fit your expectations.

The time taken for your project depends on its scale. After analysing your project scope and requirements, we can provide you with an estimated time frame. We always try to deliver the project on time with quality results.

To achieve the highest KPIs for your project, all of our software development and testing procedures adhere to highly effective methodologies of Agile and Scrum.

To maintain the quality, we regularly test every step of the project and get your feedback. This approach allows us to provide our customers with high-quality results, observing the specified deadlines.

Yes, we are always glad to help you at any time, and we also can be available to develop additional features for your future requirements and support and maintain the software we created.