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Story Of Sanmark

“Sanmark Solutions PVT LTD” is a Software Development Company based on the beautiful Southern Coast of Sri Lanka. Away from the city hustle, our tightly knit team is laser-focused on delivering the best Software Development services at extremely affordable prices. The humble beginnings of the company go back to 2008 when an eager entrepreneurial mind wanted to start a development company that has quality, a great work ethic, integrity in service, and affordability in the services that they offer. Sanmark came to existence focusing mainly on web development along with other design and administrative services. After getting great feedback and more and more influx in Software Development projects, now Sanmark operates as a Premium Custom Software Application Development company in Sri Lanka with clients all over the world. Our clientele is mainly international, whereas we have also contributed to many innovative local projects managing to create an extremely successful and diversified portfolio since we started. We believe in integrity and efficient communication which is always the cornerstone to successful software projects. We take up all kinds of Custom Software Development projects from simple to critical and treat them all with utmost importance, making sure that we go that extra mile to get you exactly the Software Development solution that your business needs. We are looking forward to hearing about your next project! Contact us here

Our Company Culture

  • A relaxing working space.
  • Regular knowledge sharing and improvement programs.
  • Stress-relieving programs.
  • Sporting facilities.
  • Lunch and refreshments.
  • Skill development training.

Our Core Values


Here at Sanmark, we focus on perfection, which is why our clients keep coming back to us!

Our ultimate goal is to provide your business value through a perfectly crafted software, website, e-commerce platform, or anything that you keep the trust in us to develop.


We believe that the success of any development project lies in complete integrity and seamless communication between the client and the developer. For us, your project starts long before we write any code. We would like to have a proper discussion and have a perfect understanding of your project before we start. Throughout Agile Software development methodology, we will maintain the integrity and continue to communicate and keep you in the loop as the product progresses until the result.


Sanmark always strives to give the highest possible quality service at the lowest possible prices. Affordability of our service has always been a core value for us since we are in the business for more than raw monetary purposes. We believe in quoting the fairest prices for our clients with transparency and integrity, charging them exactly what we expect for the effort we put, and nothing more.

Notable Clients


Engaging Communications Pty Ltd, or “Engaging.io” is an IT solutions company based in Sydney, Australia. Sanmark has been providing dedicated software development services for Engaging.io since 2020 June. With Engaging.io, Sanmark utilizes numerous technologies to implement various technical solutions as required.

Dorian Solutions

Dorian Solutions is an IT services company in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA. Sanmark has been working with Dorian Solutions since early 2016. Sanmark provides white label development services to Dorian Solutions for various projects that they undertake.


The primary tech stack used to serve Dorian Solutions is REST APIs implemented using Laravel PHP framework and front-ends for them implemented using Angular. Products are typically delivered using Docker infrastructure.

Angele Miller

Ms. Angele Miller specializes in marketing various natural consumer products in Canada. She has been using the services of Sanmark since about 2011 to produce websites for various brands she markets. Here are some brand websites that the company made for her: https://premiumcanadanaturals.com, https://slimsecrets.co, https://incaglow.com.

Royal Dairy Lanka PVT LTD

Royal Dairy Lanka PVT LTD is a popular dairy products manufacturer based in Ambalangoda in southern Sri Lanka. The amount of paperwork necessary to keep track of collecting milk from milk farmers, paying them, providing veterinary medication for cattle, production, storage, and distribution was too much; so they needed a computerized system to help manage their business.


Sanmark provided easy-to-use solutions to Royal Dairy Lanka PVT LTD’s requirements so that their staff can begin using the system almost immediately. All the previous paperwork is now done through PCs and smart devices so that the data can be entered without any delay. The provided data is saved in overseas servers through the Internet, and instantly available to generate crucial reports that are required to keep the company going.

Timothy Curchod

We developed a couple of projects using Node.js, Javascript, Typescript, and MongoDB for Timothy. Those applications operates in the art collection industry, and enables customers to import art details from static documents into a database driven software system and manage them.

Peak Podiatry

Peak Podiatry is a podiatry clinic in Perth, Western Australia. Sanmark provides a full range of IT services to them ranging from an initial revamping of their website, to continue maintaining it and the associated blog, and sending out their monthly newsletters.

Logical Increments

Logical Increments (https://www.logicalincrements.com) is an online service focused on helping people build better PCs for high demanding purposes like gaming. They are using Laravel and Angular for their system and wanted to hire dedicated developers from Sanmark to expand their team. Sanmark has been providing dedicated developer service for them since 2018.

Logical Position

Logical Position is a company providing expert search engine optimization and content preparation services for various businesses. They were introduced to Sanmark by Dorian Solutions (Mentioned above.). Sanmark created the internal system they used to manage their workflows.


Ai-Media is a company with branches around the world, that provides various services to media companies. Sanmark is providing Angular dedicated developer services to them for building their internal systems.

Medlink Services. Inc.

Medlink Services. Inc. is a financial services company specializing in providing services to medical professionals. Sanmark built a tool for them to allow their potential clients to analyze their financial status and decide whether to take Medlink Services. Inc.’s services.

Notable Projects


Deployed URL: https://www.bidder.com.au/


Bidder.com.au has been designed and developed by Sanmark Solutions for an Australian client. This system facilitates real-time communication and negotiation in a property transaction. This has been designed to handle all the aspects of online property transactions eg: property listing, property approval, property bidding, and live auction.


Among the client requirements, high availability, powerful search, and scalability have been top priorities. The system runs on Amazon Web Services and uses newer technologies like Elastic Search and Websockets to gain the best performance.


The system has five user types and each type has its own dashboard. The live auction section of the system has been designed to give end-users the real feeling of a live auction.


Basically, this system allows the listing of properties, property approval and placing bidding requests, bidding request approval, and bidding. Once a property hits its final bidding date-time, live auctions start and a two-minute countdown timer starts, any new bid will rest the timer. if there are no new bids for two minutes, the last bidder will be the winner of the property.


Deployed URL: http://mitokinetics.com/mitocalc.html


This is a calculator that takes various body metrics and then outputs graphs based on the acquired data.

Keto Adapted Calculator

Deployed URL: https://mariamindbodyhealth.com/keto-calculator/


This is a calculator that helps people adjust their eating habits by suggesting better diet plans that result in weight loss by taking in user provided parameters.


The Three by TPV is a tourism-oriented group of businesses based in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. We have developed separate websites for all of their websites following a single unique theme. We tried to express the special uniqueness of their business through these websites, and our client is happy about the outcome.


Distro# is a software provided by Sanmark as a service. It is designed to support you with every aspect of managing your product distribution agency. Distro# will assist you from buying goods from vendors, and storing them in your stocks, to selling the goods to your customers.

You can keep track of flow of your money as well. Distro# presents you with built-in support for managing financial accounts. Each vendor and customer has their own financial account, but you get to create as many financial accounts for your business. Every transaction is done between your accounts and their accounts, and all finance transactions can be separately tracked.

Distro# comes with a powerful user permission system. You can have as many users as you need and assign various permissions to them. Their permissions will decide which parts of the system they will have access to.


Deployed URL: https://phonebook.lk

PhoneBook.lk is a public service provided by Sanmark. It allows people to quickly find phone numbers of various organizations in Sri Lanka. It is designed to work on all kinds of devices, including PCs, tabs, and smartphones so that anyone can access the phone numbers they want wherever they are.

When you’re using PhoneBook.lk on your mobile device, you don’t have to memorize the number and then dial it. You can directly touch the phone number you want to call and PhoneBook.lk will automatically add the number to your dialer app so that you only have to press the dial button!

You can add the phone number of your organization for free to PhoneBook.lk, or you can even add phone numbers of public places that you think others would find useful.


MaruAds.lk is a classifieds ads project started by Sanmark. It wad developed using Laravel PHP Framework for both the front and back ends.


Dive Scheduler is a project done for USA based client Dorian Solutions. It is a Software as a Service which enables diving businesses to list their diving trips so that customers can book them.

It features managing planned trips, allowing customers to register, renting diving equipment, giving discounts, and much more functionality required for running a diving business.

It is developed using a REST API written in Laravel and several AngularJS based front ends.


Royal Dairy Lanka LTD is a popular dairy products manufacturer based in Ambalangoda in southern Sri Lanka. The amount of paperwork necessary to keep track of collecting milk from milk farmers, paying them, providing veterinary medication for cattle, production, storage, and distribution was too much; so they needed a computerized system to help manage their business.

We at Sanmark provided easy-to-use solutions to Royal Dairy Lanka LTD’s requirements so that their staff can begin using the system almost immediately. All the previous paperwork is now done through PCs and smart devices so that the data can be entered without any delay. The provided data is saved on overseas servers through Internet, and instantly available to generate crucial reports that are required to keep the company going.


Deployed URL: https://grade1.lk

It is sometimes hard to collect some rare supplies required by your kid’s school as parents of primary class kids. Believe us, because we ourselves have gone through the drill. We’d do anything to support our kids’ education, but a little help is always welcome.

We developed an online shopping cart and official website for them, based on Laravel PHP Framework. On top of that, this software system uses newest Laravel Livewire library to bring in advanced features.


MySports.lk is an online sporting goods marketplace developed by Sanmark. It allows the vendor to list the products they have for sale and the customers can order them by adding them to their shopping cart and checking-out.


VisitColombo.com is a website dedicated to tourists who plan on visiting Sri Lanka, especially Colombo City. This highly informative website contains in-depth details about interesting places in the city, like places to see, eat and stay. We have developed the website in a responsive manner, so once you load it in your smart device, it becomes a city guide in the pocket.

Once you browse into a page dedicated to a place, you get the chance to know a-to-z of that place. The website will show you the best pictures, the best menus, and everything good about the places so that you can plan your stay in the city as an awesome one.


Aradhana Hotels is a group of hotels including Aradhana of Hikkaduwa, Green Shadow of Hikkaduwa, and Cinnamon Breeze of Ampegama. They wanted a way to let more people find their reception halls.

We have been able to get Aradhana Group of Hotels to a prominent search result location, and because of that many people have chosen the service of Aradhana Group of Hotels.


Peak Podiatry is an Australia based Perth’s premier sports and family podiatry practice service.

We developed their site to highlight all the services they offer to their customers so that potential customers can contact them for services with great confidence in them.

We’re continuing to provide Peak Podiatry with ongoing services like blog and newsletter management.


Sri Lanka Chamo Tours is a service that brings you the best of Sri Lanka. They arrange the perfect holiday for you in Sri Lanka. They wanted a great website that will bring them more customers.

They wanted a website where they can easily change content. So, we implemented WordPress with a custom theme.


Mr. Eric Suriyasena is a prominent batic artist in Sri Lanka. He needed a professional website where he can display his marvellous creations to the world.

We designed him a modern website that can showcase his artistic works to the world. The website has sections for his profile, art collection, fashion collection, and home collection. It allows interested people to contact Mr. Suriyasena so that they can easily communicate with him.

Many people come to Mr. Suriyasena’s website to take a look at his creative work. Many even go ahead to contact him and buy them.


Zubits.ca is an online shop selling magnetic shoe closures. These magnetic items called “Zubits” allows quickly putting on shoes without tying, knotting and lacing.

This site was developed using WordPress as the platform, and eCommerce functionality is provided by the WooCommerece plugin.


Team Culture Snapshot is a project done for Parker Mitchell, a great client who strives to make teams better. It collects opinions of team members about their own teams and calculates results that help to make their team a better one.

Team Culture Snapshot provide members of teams with a set of “Norms” such as “We genuinely care about each other.” and “We hold ourselves to high standards.”. The team members can then place the norms on a grid that has axes named “Relatively Less Important – Relatively More Important ” and “We don’t do well – We do well”, based on whether they think each norm is important or not, and whether they do it well or not. These responses are kept anonymously.

After everyone has submitted their responses, the Team Leader can calculate the combined result of the entire team, and get an idea about the opinions the team members have about their own team. This information is presented in an actionable manner, so that the teams can identify their strengths and weaknesses, in order to make their team a Better Team.

For this project, we used Laravel with a Javascript front end embedded to facilitate the drag-n-drop feature. Both production and testing servers are created on DigitalOcean and deployed securely using Git over SSH.


Team Friction Finder is a project done for Parker Mitchell, a great client who strives to make teams better. It asks people a number of questions about their own personality and calculates their personality type. And then it allows them to compare their results with others to find any chance of friction.

The personality type is calculated according to a widely accepted method. We used this product personally and it successfully calculated all our personality types, so we can vouch for the correctness of the information produced by this application.

Once your personality type is calculated, you can add other people and compare your personality type with theirs, and identify any potential friction points.

It also provides very actionable guidelines based on the friction levels, so that you can identify problems before they happen, and adjust accordingly to have a smooth interaction with your colleagues. This will help you create Better Teams.


BG Agencies is an engraving and a trophy designer in Western Australia, Australia. We made their official website.

Fabric Universe


Harvest Ground Import Export Ltd is a Canadian farm products company. We made their website.

ceylonese cinnamon


KocoVie is a coconut based hair care product brand in Canada. We built their website.

Primetime Beauty

This is a beauty related website built by us for a client in USA.


Our client Stephan Wilmes is the founder of the YouInFocusProducts Corp in Canada. This website was built to assist his efforts in bringing in Jentschura International GmbH products to Canada.

Specialized Threaded Fasteners

Specialized Threaded Fasteners is a client from Western Australia, Australia.

Premium Canada Naturals


Abundant Beauty by Design is a Canadian beauty product brand. We developed their website.


What our clients say

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our clients have to say before you come on board with us for your next project!

My name is Jessie Button. I am the founder of TeachAroundTheWorld.net. I hired Kosala at the Sanmark about 8 months ago to create my website for me. I’ve really enjoyed what he’s done. And I really enjoyed working with him. He’s very punctual, and he has very good communications skills. He’s rapid at getting any changes done that I ask him to do. And all in all, I can say that if you choose to work with Kosala at the Sanmark, you won’t regret it.

Teach Around The World.
Jessie Button

Hello, my name is Nyoli. I am the owner of Truly Tea in Byron Bay, Australia. I’ve been working with Kosala and Sanmark for many years now. Kosala has designed our logo, he has designed our website. Whenever I need anything done with the website whatsoever, uploading images, content, anything like that, I just have to send Kosala a quick email, either himself or his very efficient staff jump right on to it. I don’t have any issues. He’s very open and honest. In fact I’ve actually been to Sri Lanka, and I’ve met Kosala and his beautiful family. And I am most grateful for that. And I would recommend Sanmark to anyone. And don’t be afraid to contact me anytime. Thank you!

Truly Tea.
Nyoli Scobie

I am very happy that I decided to use Sanmark for our web development. They produced excellent standard of work within the agreed time scale. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them.

Visit Colombo.
Indika Gunawardena

The team at Sanmark have been a key part of the recent success and growth of Engaging.io. Kosala and Buddy are very responsive and have worked very hard with us to create a strong partnership and an impressive team of developers. The development team are very well skilled, conscientious and have the ability to think holistically when problem solving (a huge asset for software engineering) and they work seamlessly with our own team. I can thoroughly recommend Sanmark.

Head of UX & Design, Engaging.io.
Geff Harper

We are so happy that we decided to use Sanmark to design our website. With words we can’t express our appreciation for all the help and advice the sanmark team has given us. Kosala and Ranga were always there to listen to our never ending requests and have worked extremely hard to get everything done according to our wishes. The best thing was that they understood why we wanted things done in our specific way. The sanmark team did their best and has now made us a very satisfied customer. We are very grateful for all the hard work and time everyone has put into our website. The entire team has been absolutely awesome. Thilina created a sophisticated logo that receives a lot of appreciation. Our special thanks to him. We hope that Galletown.lk and Sanmark will be working as a team for many years to come. Thank you so much.

Tourism Directory.
Tivon Prasad

Are seeking a web designer? I can probably recommend the sanmark. Because They have great deal of creativity, quality, punctuality, flexibility, reliability which always brings value for your money. I wish them all the success!

Sri Lanka Chamo Tours.

We had posters, flyers and catalogues done and they actually turned out better than we even expected! The quality of work is A+, thanks for your wonderful work.

Colorful Grass.
Angele Miller


At Sanmark we use new and updated technologies and tools to provide software solutions to our clients and support the development process.



Laravel has been the most popular PHP framework since 2013. An entire ecosystem has been built around it and a vast community of developers has gathered around it since its beginning. It offers an MVC design pattern to build upon, which encourages good coding standards, paving the way to create good quality software using it.



Angular is a front end development framework released by the search giant Google. It allows us to develop completely stand-alone front ends for the back end web services we develop.



Our go-to server-side development language. We often use the above-mentioned Laravel framework on top of this, and we always make use of features and functionalities available from the latest versions of PHP, such as PHP 8.



PHP and MySQL are good friends. Both are open source and work well together. Being an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), it allows us to build connections within complex data structures to produce outstanding software applications.



For occasions that are better served by NoSQL databases, MongoDB is our primary choice.



Created by Google, Firebase allows us to develop web and mobile applications quickly.



Javascript is the language used when we write front-end web applications.



Typescript is a subset of Javascript that compiles into Javascript. It’s created by Microsoft, and Google’s Angular uses it as the primary language (We love it when giants work together!).



No web application can be written without HTML, and its 5th version provides so many new and useful functionality needed for modern web application development.



CSS 3 is the latest incarnation of HTML’s best companion. It brings along a set of great new features that we make use of every day.



Sass stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets and it simplifies writing complex CSS style sheets by providing advanced features.


Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a cool new CSS framework that allows you to style front-ends quickly.



This is a modern UI building framework created by Twitter. It allows us to create fully responsive web pages, and quickly build web applications using its vast array of UI components, based on both CSS and Javascript.



Livewire allows us to build full stack web applications quickly and easily with Laravel.



When we need to write Javascript for the back end, we use Node.js.



Ionic allows us to create mobile business applications using web technologies.




This is great for automatic website interactions and testing web applications web build.



When we get to write plugins for WordPress, we use Herbert, as it provides some of the functionality from Laravel into the WP plugin development process.





Git is created by the creator of Linux — Linus Torvalds — to streamline the development of the world’s largest open source project: developing the Linux kernel. It makes the development life easier by tracking every change to the codebase.



GitLab is a Git hosting service that we can install on our own servers. It comes with an issue tracking system as well.



We use Slack for internal communication as well as external communication with clients. It’s a treat to use this great service.



To manage projects that we don’t host at GitLab, we have our Redmine installation.



DigitalOcean is a lifesaver! With its quick to create and quick to delete on-demand Virtual Private servers, we can demonstrate our projects to clients very easily. We even run long term testing and production servers with it too.



This is how we connect to remote servers.



To manage third party PHP packages, we use Composer. We have even published our own PHP packages, which you can see at https://packagist.org/packages/sanmark/.



To manage the back end Javascript packages we use with Node.js, NPM is a must.



To connect to and manage databases both local and remote, we use DBeaver.