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Sanmark Solutions
    • Sanmark provides Custom Software Development, Software Teams for Hire, Dedicated Software Engineers, and Ecommerce and Web Development services.

      We accept all projects, and no matter how big or small a job is, it is all equally important to us. Our clients include entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized firms, corporate behemoths, and even sole proprietors.
    • Sanmark provides a very open payment method to all of its customers. Before the project, we agree on all the payment terms, including the value-added and additional services, to uphold our integrity.
    • Before the start of actual development, our Business Analysts will hold several meetings with you to find your requirements. We will use the gathered requirements to prepare a “Software Requirements Specification” (SRS) and provide you with a preliminary estimate of the cost and time for the project. If you agree to that, we will move forward and create a Software Solution Specification” (SSS) for your approval. Once all of those stages have been done, we can begin the engineering process. Remember, we must lay a solid foundation with all those specifications to ensure a successful end result.
    • The breadth and complexity of the project will always determine how long it takes to complete. We always consider your deadlines and give you a reasonable time frame to deliver the prototypes and the finished product during the initial conversations before the agreement.

      We follow the Agile methodology, giving you weekly and daily reports on the progress as requested.
    • Yes, the success of a project is always determined by how adaptable it is to changes and new requirements. Your recommendations for improvements and plans are always appreciated as the project develops. We include you on our team and work together to meet your needs for the software or website you require for your company.
    • When you outsource your projects to our company, we address potential compliance and security risks in addition to offering software engineering services.

      Before developing your digital product, our specialists assess all risks, including data management, IP compliance, third-party integration, and weaknesses in confidentiality. This method enables us to identify potential dangers during the prospecting stage and develop the necessary procedures to prevent them.
    • To fulfil the highest KPIs for your project, all of our software development and testing procedures adhere to highly effective approaches like Agile, Scrum, and DevOps..We track every action needed to handle the creation of your digital product and evaluate it using the following essential criteria: the project scope statement, activity description, milestone documentation, and organisational resources.
    • We evaluate the needs of each project when deciding the best tech stack to be used for a project. We have been using PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Node.js, Dart, Flutter, and Java most prominently.
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