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Sanmark Solutions


Story of Sanmark

“Sanmark Solutions PVT LTD” is a Software Development Company based on the beautiful Southern Coast of Sri Lanka. Away from the city hustle, our tightly knit team is laser-focused on delivering the best Software Development services at extremely affordable prices. The humble beginnings of the company go back to 2008 when an eager entrepreneurial mind wanted to start a development company that has quality, a great work ethic, integrity in service, and affordability in the services that they offer. Sanmark came to existence focusing mainly on web development along with other design and administrative services. After getting great feedback and more and more influx in Software Development projects, now Sanmark operates as a Premium Custom Software Application Development company in Sri Lanka with clients all over the world. Our clientele is mainly international, whereas we have also contributed to many innovative local projects managing to create an extremely successful and diversified portfolio since we started. We believe in integrity and efficient communication which is always the cornerstone to successful software projects. We take up all kinds of Custom Software Development projects from simple to critical and treat them all with utmost importance, making sure that we go that extra mile to get you exactly the Software Development solution that your business needs. We are looking forward to hearing about your next project! Contact us here

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Why Choose Sanmark

High Quality

We are 100% committed to delivering high-quality, reliable and efficient custom software solutions for your requirements. We have many satisfied clients in Australia that value us for the peace of mind that our services provide them. 

Efficient Communication

We always make sure we get your requirements precisely right. Our communication systems are fully updated and convenient, and our teams are excellent at communicating professionally.


We are a company with 14 years of software industry experience and have successfully completed projects for various industries and clients. With our expertise, our engineers can work on any type of project and complete it on time. 


We are flexible in achieving your ideas, focusing on the quality of the project result. You can freely present your ideas anytime to achieve the best result. 

Fast Delivery

We promise to give you the best with no delays. Our software engineers have years of experience in handling time-sensitive deliverables with care. Our teams use accurate project planning methods to deliver your project on time with high quality.

Affordable Pricing

Affordability is a crucial factor when choosing the provider for your software needs. Sanmark takes pride in providing the highest quality services with an affordable price tag.

High Security

We follow security best practices to ensure that your data, requirements, and business secrets are safe with us while we work with you and even after that. Security is an essential part of all the software systems we design and develop.

Updated Technology

Technology in the world is changing rapidly. At Sanmark, we are up to date with what the technology has to offer and leverage it for the full benefit of our valued clients.

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Sanmark Solutions

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