30 January 2024

Revamping a Wedding Planning Website with Advanced Features

Sanmark’s recent project, Wedshed, exemplifies our capacity to transform and elevate a client’s website to new heights. This endeavor involved not only a shift in technology but also a commitment to creating a highly customized, user-friendly, and responsive website.

Project Essentials

  • Project Name: Wedshed
  • Project Owner: Andrew Berman
  • Goal: To upgrade an existing WordPress website to a more sophisticated NextJs platform
  • Duration: August 4, 2023 - December 8, 2023

Client’s Specific Requirements

One of the key requirements from the client was a fully customized website. The client needed advanced user filters to enhance the user experience, ensuring that the website was not only efficient but also intuitive and easy to navigate. Additionally, the website had to be SEO-friendly, optimizing its visibility and ranking on search engines. Another critical requirement was responsiveness, ensuring the website’s optimal performance and appearance across various devices and screen sizes.

Addressing the Challenges

The challenge we faced was our initial unfamiliarity with NextJs. However, our team’s eagerness to learn and adapt played a crucial role in swiftly acquiring the necessary skills. This learning process was enhanced by the guidance and mentorship from our project leader.

Our Approach and Execution

Our team employed Agile and Scrum methodologies, allowing for a flexible and iterative approach to the project. This strategy enabled us to effectively incorporate the client’s specific needs and make adjustments as needed. Our collaboration with Andrew Berman was integral, as his vision and input were essential in shaping the final product.

The Outcome

The successful completion of the Wedshed project is a clear demonstration of Sanmark’s ability to tackle new challenges and deliver tailor-made solutions. The project not only showcased our technical capabilities in NextJs and Figma but also our commitment to meeting the client’s specific needs for a custom, SEO-friendly, and responsive website.


The Wedshed project stands as a significant achievement for Sanmark, reflecting our proficiency in web development, adaptability to new technologies, and dedication to client satisfaction. It sets a precedent for our future projects, emphasizing our strength in creating customized solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.