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Are you planning a software development project with your development team, but don’t really have the time to manage the intricacies and complexities involved with it, and are looking for a professional software project management company? What you need is an experienced project manager like Sanmark Solutions, to support you and ensure that your project is meeting all its deadlines and deliverables.

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What is Software Development Project Management?

Every team, whether it comprises highly skilled professionals or junior members needs someone to manage its functions in a proper manner, so that the project is carried out and delivered on time, according to stipulated requirements. This is especially true when it comes to software development.

Software development project management is a continuous process that includes:

  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Executing
  • Monitoring
  • Delivering

A dedicated project manager, with the use of project management software packages, contributes greatly towards the success of the project by:

  • Removing non-developmental tasks from the team.
  • Getting to know the team and motivating them.
  • Ensuring there are no changes to the tasks assigned to team members.
  • Ensuring team members are organised.
  • Effectively delegating work in order to streamline productivity.
  • Creating a breakdown of the work plan and assigning smaller tasks to ensure faster completion.

Each project is different and may include complex issues that need to be resolved so that the development team can proceed smoothly with the scheduled workflow. This is why you need the experience of a good software project management company for your business. At Sanmark Solutions, we have a pool of scrum masters and project managers who are seasoned with years of industry experience, ready to handle your software project and ensure its successful completion.



Why is Project Management Important in Software Development?

When it comes to software development, timelines are important, and a project manager can ensure that processes and activities are streamlined in such a way as to make the team more productive and efficient, ensuring the timely completion of a project. Delays can mean added expenses, hence delivering a software project on time is of vital importance.

Some benefits that a business can gain from partnering with an experienced software project management company includes

  • Gaining a competitive advantage.
  • Better resource allocation.
  • Tighter budgeting to ensure financial resources are not wasted.
  • Better, more open, communication and transparency in the project.
  • Clear and effective project documentation.



What We Can Do For You as an Expert Software Project Management Company

At Sanmark Solutions, we carry out software development projects ourselves, which is why our project managers and scrum masters have the right amount of expertise and experience in working in various different industries. Our project management team is continuously learning new techniques, methodologies and are up-to-date on the latest innovations that ensure the successful completion of software development projects.

When it comes to managing your software development project, our team can offer you the following valuable services that will leave you free to pay attention to the more compelling aspects of running your business. We will:

  • Server and Hosting Management: Maintain your critical systems with our full-suite infrastructure management software.
  • Cloud Consulting: Utilize our deep knowledge in cloud and infrastructure management to enhance your cloud strategies for optimal performance.
  • DNS Management: Keep your domain services running smoothly and responsively with our professional DNS management.
  • Email Management: Efficiently manage your email systems with our cloud services, ensuring seamless communication.
  • Database Management: Secure and optimize your databases with our expert management services, ensuring data integrity and access speed.
  • VPS Management: Manage and maintain your Virtual Private Servers with precision, ensuring they perform reliably and efficiently.
  • Server Monitoring: Continuously monitor your servers with our advanced tools to prevent downtime and optimize performance.
  • CI/CD Process Management: Streamline your Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes to enhance development efficiency and speed.
  • Server Security Configuration: Fortify your servers with robust security configurations to protect against threats and vulnerabilities.

As an experienced software project management company for businesses, we follow agile and scrum project management methodologies, where there is greater collaboration between the development team and the stakeholders.

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Why Choose Us for Software Project Management?

There are many reasons why Sanmark Solutions is your best choice when it comes to software project management. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us.


We are well-experienced in the software development industry creating software solutions for diverse industries, using many different technologies and methodologies.

Core Values

The heart of our collaborations lie in transparency, shared values and a focus on your success.

Proven Workflow

We follow a proven workflow from project conception to completion, that ensures efficiency and on-time delivery.


Our projects are transparent throughout and we are always open to communication.


We take our responsibilities seriously and ensure accountability both from our end and from the team members.

Competitive Pricing

We offer highly competitive, unbeatable pricing for software project management solutions.

Expertise & Skills

Our team is up to date on the latest technologies and developments when it comes to software development and project management, and offer a high level of expertise and skill.

Latest Technology & Tools

We use the latest innovations when it comes to project management software packages.

Happy Clients

We have completed hundreds of projects and are proud to have many happy clients behind us.

Long Term Commitment

We are a company that is growing and developing every day, and we are in it for the long run!

Don’t waste your time on tasks like managing a development team, when you have far bigger responsibilities to take care of. As an experienced and professional software project management company, let us manage your project for you and ensure its efficient and timely completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Managing a software development project effectively is very important because they can be very complex. In order to be successful the software must be delivered on time and be of high quality, while also keeping within other constraints such as budgets. An experienced software project management company will ensure that they plan and execute the project according to these set conditions, and ensure the deliverables are rolled out in a timely manner according to project specifications.
    • Most software project management companies use the agile methodology these days, which involves breaking down the project into several phases. It also involves greater collaboration between all stakeholders and continuous improvements being made to the software as a result of this collaboration.
    • Scrum is an agile project management methodology where a scrum master leads a small team, and ensures that all obstacles along the path are removed so that the development team has a smooth run. The project work is broken down into sprints, and the team meets regularly with the scrum master to discuss progress and any possible obstacles that need to be dealt with.
    • As a reputed software project management company for Melbourne and Sydney businesses, we ensure that all projects taken on by us are run and completed according to a smooth workflow. This is because:
    • We have an understanding of the business issues you face when it comes to managing a project of this nature.
    • We have extensive industry knowledge and experience.
    • We have the technical expertise.
    • We are always learning and developing our knowledge base and skills.
    • We are transparent and open to communication.
    • We follow the latest methodologies used in software project management.
    • When choosing a software project management company to handle your project, here are a few questions you should ask.
    • Is the company focussed on client satisfaction and the success of the project?
    • Do they understand your project scope?
    • Do they provide actionable strategies and backup plans?
    • What is their track record of similar projects?
    • What is their track record of similar projects?
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