03 October 2022

'chris bastin'

“Sanmark have undertaken a complicated IT project from scratch for us. The entire team have proven to be professional, reliable and skilled. They are a pleasure to deal with, and we continue to use their services for new features and updates to our platform.“

(Owner of Bidder.com.au)

Bidder.com.au is an online real estate auction software system developed by Sanmark for an Australian client, which has all the features required for a real-time real estate auction. It handles several user roles, such as “Agents”, “Agent Admins”, and “Buyers”. We used our excellent Software Team to improve efficiency and productivity, and they led to the timely delivery of projects. Within one year and three months, our clients Jordan, Chris, and Theo successfully used bidder.com.au in their business environment along with the Sanmark skill set. As our project management strategy, we used Agile methodology and Scrum methodology. We heavily used microservice architecture for this project. Many new technologies are involved, most of which are for the first time in Sanmark.


Used Technologies: Laravel, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Livewire Jetstream, Kibana, Lambda functions, NodeJS, WebSocket, ELK Stack, Microservices architecture, Serverless functions, AWS, Jenkins, OpenVPN, transaction outbox, JWT, Agile development, Observer pattern, Service discovery, OOP Design Patterns: Singleton, MVC, Microservice Design Patterns: SAGA, CQRS.

Our Project Team

'chris bastin'