04 December 2023

We are excited to share the story of our latest successful project, the ‘Karma Collection Fabric Design’, created for the talented fashion designer Tivon Prasad. This project, led by our graphic designer Suranga Sampath, was a unique blend of cultural themes and modern design techniques.

Tivon Prasad approached us with a clear idea: he wanted natural designs inspired by Sri Lanka’s down south region to print on clothes for his upcoming collection. These designs were to be featured in the Colombo Fashion Week 2023, a major event where fashion designers showcase their work. Suranga took on this challenge with great enthusiasm. He started by creating two fabric designs using Photoshop and Premiere Pro, not just focusing on the design aspect but also making step-by-step animation videos to bring these designs to life.

The initial designs Suranga created were a hit. Tivon was so impressed with the work that he immediately sent more ideas to design. Suranga’s ability to capture the essence of Sri Lankan culture in his designs while keeping them stylish and modern was the key to the success of this project.

The hard work and creativity paid off when Tivon presented these designs at the Colombo Fashion Week 2023. The feedback was outstanding. Attendees loved the designs, and Tivon received many compliments for the innovative and culturally rich clothing line. This success at such a prestigious event was not just a win for Tivon but also a proud moment for Suranga and our team.

Suranga’s journey through this project was filled with learning and exploration. He experimented with new tools and techniques, enhancing his skills and contributing to the project’s success. His experience reflects our team’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results.

Working on the ‘Karma Collection Fabric Design’ has been an enriching experience for us. We’re proud of what Suranga achieved and are grateful to Tivon Prasad for trusting us with his vision. This project is a perfect example of how great things can happen when creativity meets dedication and skill.

image sources: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=goodnewslanka.lk&set=a.718719733636192