22 November 2022

Deployed URL: https://www.bidder.com.au/ Bidder.com.au has been designed and developed by Sanmark Solutions for an Australian client. This system facilitates real-time communication and negotiation in a property transaction. This has been designed to handle all the aspects of online property transactions eg: property listing, property approval, property bidding, and live auction. Among the client requirements, high availability, powerful search, and scalability have been top priorities. The system runs on Amazon Web Services and uses newer technologies like Elastic Search and Web sockets to gain the best performance. The system has five user types and each type has its own dashboard. The live auction section of the system has been designed to give end-users the real feeling of a live auction. Basically, this system allows the listing of properties, property approval and placing bidding requests, bidding request approval, and bidding. Once a property hits its final bidding date-time, live auctions start and a two-minute countdown timer starts, any new bid will rest the timer. if there are no new bids for two minutes, the last bidder will be the winner of the property.

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