28 March 2017

Custom Software Development Can be Real Challenging If not properly Thought Of

A common saying goes: When the deal is too good, think twice. Or rather, when the deal is too easy, think twice. The argument here is that everything that is truly worthy comes at some cost. Custom software development is certainly worth the scramble, companies seeking it to drive their growth and provide solutions to some of their biggest challenges.

But as something worthy of that attention, it doesn’t come easy. It comes at a price, with significant challenges. And if businesses are going to implement custom software development effectively, they must first understand the roadblocks associated with it, and what ways to overcome them.

Below are the 5 biggest challenges businesses are likely to encounter in the process of custom software development:

#Lack of Expertise

The keyword is ‘custom’ – meaning something new and unique, for no businesses are exactly the same, and even when they face the same problems – which is common – it is never to the same extent, never the same way.

In other, while in-house teams are likely to be given the first chance to create a custom software, it is not uncommon for them to get midway and realize that they cannot go on for the lack of the expertise required to create a system that addresses the unique issues in question. But this is not just a problem for in-house teams. Indeed, it can be hard to find the right expertise even on the outside. Many may promise optimum results, but in the end, deliver a software full of bugs, among others issues.

In other words, business face problems right from the very start: with finding the right development partner.

#Failure to Define Clear Vision

Without proper planning and a clear vision, there is the likelihood of a custom software development to be time-consuming; to go on and on unnecessarily. But at the same time, to provide solutions to the problems that do not exist. This may include providing too many unnecessary features, even if they are good features.

The process is aimed at providing value, generating revenue, and making life easier for not just employees, but also the management as well as other external stakeholders who may have to use the software.

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to define a clear vision of what they want to achieve. This may stem from failing to identify the problems they face, such as when businesses mistake symptoms for problems.

Custom Software Development

#Poor Communication

Even with the clear definition of vision, it is important to note that there is the need for clear communication throughout the process of developing custom software. Besides, priorities tend to change over time. Constant and clear updating of the team at each step of the development process is paramount.

The problem is that many businesses ignore the value of constant and clear communication. Other times, project managers assume that certain things are obvious. Further, some project managers just do not know what effective communication entails.

Beating Deadlines

The challenges mentioned above can lead to another major problem, i.e. meeting project deadlines. Proper planning and good communication all contribute towards delivering a software on time. Otherwise, the project starts to face avoidable delays.

It is important for custom software teams to have in place a general time frame for the project, which can help to understand the progress of the process. Such a framework should provide timelines for features, when to deliver beta software, and how much time may be required for quality testing, etc.

#Controlling Costs

Budget is an important part of any project. It is always necessary to have a good estimate of expenditures, not only concerning money, but also time and workforce.

Unfortunately, businesses have problems judging the cost of an entire custom software development process. Some businesses under-budget, especially as a result of failing to determine a clear vision of the project. There is, for example, the risk of wanting a custom software to have everything, even when it is not necessary or when there is not enough money for it.

Working with outside parties may at times help to gauge even better the amount of time and budget required for a custom development project to be successful. Such a party may be objective in a way that internal parties may not.

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