14 February 2017

Custom software is one of the next big things. The growing number of devices and the associated apps has driven a need for better and more exciting pieces of software. This consumer-driven growth of a previously niche industry is going to bring some interesting trends to 2017.

What Does Custom Software Development Really Mean?

When a software application is designed and developed for a specific user group or user (within a firm or organization), then this is a custom software, and the process then becomes custom software development. This kind of a software addresses specific needs and not a widespread range of applications.

Most of these custom software developments are done by third-party entities through a contract or an in-house group of developers. Custom software are not packaged for reselling

Here are the top 6 in the list of custom software development.

1. Cloud technology

The Cloud has exploded in the last couple of years. The ability to link different devices has been a major driving force behind the development of the Cloud. The rise of these mobile devices that can be synchronized with other devices has been largely in part due to consumers’ need to be mobile.

People want to link their phone with their laptop and their tablet with everything so that all their photos are available all the time. They want to have the music and the apps and their documents so they can have them with them at all times.

It is safe to say that ‘The Cloud’ is only going to get better and more capable. Because of we, as consumers, want it to.

2. Personalised advertising

When I take a look at many websites, I often get adverts that depict not only websites I have been to but also products I have specifically looked at. I know that this can only get better. For the advertisers, anyway. The ads will likely get more personal and knowing companies like Google; the information will be stored somewhere and used to ‘promote the user experience.’

The software responsible for selecting ads for individual users can only get better. The websites that host these personalized ads will be better to visit for consumers.

3. Marketplace platforms

Up until recently, Etsy and eBay were the only platforms where ordinary human beings could use to sell their wares. Even now, companies like Facebook have released marketplaces that allow users to quickly sell their second-hand belongings, as well newly crafted objects.

Giving this process back to the everyday man and woman will do nothing but accelerate the evolution of the systems that give us the freedom to do what we want when we want.

4. Security

Security has been a buzzword for technology ever since the concept of ‘wireless’ began to take off. There are hundreds of software packages available to the consumer that have some claims as to how safe they are. While the concept of electronic security is not new, the advancements already made speak to evolution that will not only increase in speed but also make our computers safer than ever.

The drive for safety has also been a huge advertising point for many pieces of web-based software. Security is of great importance, especially for the next big trend.

5. Dating

Online dating is a big deal. Many people use it, and the number of apps and websites that allow people to meet strangers has multiplied rapidly in the last few years. There are apps specifically for certain groups; there are websites that work for people wanting to cheat on their spouses, there are even apps that cater just for women who want to meet rich men.

The concept of dating apps and websites as a way of meeting people is a bit like using Match.com; many people do it because they think they don’t have the time to meet the ‘old fashioned way.’ This need for human contact combined with the lack of time the modern person has is expected to drive the evolution of software based dating solutions.

6. Payment

With the rise of online marketplaces and the renewed need for security has meant that new payment methods will likely arise. PayPal has had little opposition for the last few years, and apart from using MasterCard and other ‘secure’ methods, there is little in the way of innovation.

This innovation is likely to come along relatively soon, with security and ease being the two most important priorities. Apple devices can and will store card details. They will do it with startling ease and rapidity too. This is useful for the avid online shopper who doesn’t want to do it with their wallet sitting right on their lap. Personally, I do occasionally worry about my laptop knowing all my credit card details; but then again I don’t delete the stored information either. I could, but it’s more convenient to leave them there.

So there you have it pallet people. Here’s the rub for you…

Custom software development is becoming very affordable with time and has its defined place in representing both the matured companies and the start-ups. In order to enjoy the full potential and benefits of custom software development, you need a decent and respectable software development company with proven track record of excellence and efficiency. Choose wisely.