01 April 2017

If you’re looking for efficiency, longevity, and support for your business, custom software development is your best option. And so it is if you’re looking for safety. Auger

In this age of the internet, nothing seems to be truly secure. Hackers are making a living off trade secrets, and confidential corporate data and their threat seem only to grow by the day. Other than hackers, you may also be hindered by all kinds of computer viruses.

Unfortunately, you can’t just lock the doors to your business, and use your computers individually. You most certainly need links to all others kinds of devices: scanners, printers, and other office machinery that work with computers. But even more important, you must use your computers to link your customers, business partners, suppliers, among others. Which means that you will have to use websites, emails, maybe even video calls, etc. Naturally, you are facing the painful paradox of business in the contemporary world: if you need your business to function, you must also open to attacks.

Custom Software Development

But you need not fret, though because custom software development can help you to keep your business safe. Here’s how:

Superior Protection

Custom software development gives your superior business protection. For one, it deprives hackers of the backdoors and loopholes redundant with regular software.

As you may have noticed – of maybe not – regular software bought ‘off the shelf’ do not anticipate all your concerns regarding your efficiency, longevity, business support, and security. They will always require improvements, ever updating to safeguard against what security weaknesses hackers already know of the old systems. In other words, you will always be looking to catch up to the hackers, when it should be the other way around.

Being ahead of hackers is what you get with custom software development. It gives you not only the latest security measures and updates. You have the latest security protocols, already made without the weaknesses exploited by hackers and viruses in the past.

But even more important, it offers features unique to just your business.

Security Online

In the face of security risks to business associated with browsing the internet, several major search engine and browser companies have continued to announce new policies towards making the world safer.

For business systems, it is recommended that they should only appear on the deep web, out of the reach of traditional browsers. But even these are not without opportunities for hackers. Of course, web security is an entirely different issue. Still, as long as your employees use your hidden websites for logins, or while working on the safety checks and benefits pages, you are still exposed.

Custom Software Development

The process of developing custom software helps to predict and anticipate the potential risks. Having done that, custom software protects your employees as well as hardware from online threats. It also blocks critical potential entry points for hackers, spyware, and others online threats.

Defense for Individual Systems

Here’s how hacker work. When they plan an attack, more often than not they start with a single computer or system, and from there enter other computers or systems. They keep going until they reach the one system with the information they’re looking for. Simply, hackers must first be able to penetrate the system. This is what your software must prevent from happening.

For better protection, what you need is for your custom software to command as many programs and functions as possible. Custom software closes off the system through unique security measures, and also by enabling systems integration – and this is what brings about the command of many programs and functions.

Beating the Hacks

All the points above are all about stopping hackers. But it is still important to point out the key character of custom software that enables this anti-hacker protection. Because custom software is developed for a particular client, it is unique.

As it were, hackers tend to use the same old tricks to penetrate systems based on the same software. Which means that, by having a custom software, you have already protected yourself from a significant amount of hacker attacks. Your unique system forces hackers to start the learning process from scratch. But you’re learning, aren’t you? And you’re getting better as well.

Hero image credit: https://img.freepik.com/free-photo/standard-quality-control-collage-concept