01 November 2022

Most developers select PHP as their web development language when developing an optimal website. Choosing the proper framework is an essential part of web application development.

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework created by Taylor Otwell. Many developers use Laravel to create web applications to achieve optimal performance. This framework helps developers to create complex PHP code and make the web application development process faster and smoother. 

You can create full-stack web applications using Laravel because it can support both frontend and backend tasks.

Best Features of Laravel

  1. Authentication

    The Auth and Session facades provide quick access to Laravel’s integrated authentication and session services. With these functionalities, requests from web browsers (And other user agents.) can be authenticated using cookies. The Login, Registration, and Password Reset components may be easily implemented using the Laravel framework, and Laravel only needs one command to accomplish this. Additionally, it offers a straightforward method for establishing authorisation logic and managing resource access.

  2. Effective ORM

    Eloquent, an object-relational mapper (ORM) that makes working with your database fun, is a component of Laravel. Each database table in Eloquent has a corresponding “Model” to communicate with the table.

  3. MVC Architecture Support

    MVC is an architectural design pattern that helps to develop web applications faster. The MVC design pattern, which assures separation of the presentation and business logic layers, is supported by Laravel. Laravel’s MVC design includes many built-in features, enhances application performance, and boosts security and scalability.

  4. Secure Migration System

    The Laravel architecture is incomplete without Laravel Migrations. The Laravel Schema Façade is one of the elements that aid in the database migration’s smooth performance. Laravel allows modifying and manipulating the database using easy-to-write PHP code.

  5. Artisan

    The command-line interface with Laravel is called Artisan. It offers a variety of useful commands that you can use while you create your application. The robust Symfony Console component powers it.

  6. Built-in Security

    Laravel is made from the ground up with security in mind. Suppose you follow the industry standards and sane defaults and ensure that the custom code you write is secure. In that case, you have nothing to worry about.

  7. Libraries and Modularity

    The Laravel PHP framework comes with many integrated object-oriented libraries that are jam-packed with incredible capabilities for developers. You also have the option to create your own custom libraries easily.

    Understanding the project’s needs is essential to deciding which PHP framework to use when creating a web application. If your selected PHP framework meets your goals and adheres to your company’s needs, then it is the ideal one for you. Most developers prefer to use Laravel as their PHP framework, as it provides many useful features out of the box.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel


It’s quick and easy -Since Laravel is the most popular PHP framework, most web developers are already familiar with it. A wide selection of built-in features makes development simple and easy for developers. Thus, a skilled Laravel developer can create a complex web application in a relatively short period. Faster development translates into lower costs and quicker results for the company.

Better web application performance - Laravel offers caching for your website out of the box, unlike many other frameworks available, which is terrific for accelerating your site’s pace. Different performance optimisation strategies, such as memory utilisation reduction and database indexing, are made simple to implement by Laravel to improve your web application’s efficiency further. If site speed and SEO friendliness are part of your needs, this makes Laravel an ideal alternative for your company.

Great for Traffic Handling- The number of visitors to your website will increase as your project expands. Laravel-built web applications may process requests significantly more quickly than those made using other frameworks. Because Laravel employs a unique message queue structure, you can postpone finishing certain heavy operations, like sending emails, until later. Your website can complete jobs more quickly if you control time-consuming processes. In addition to keeping your website’s server in good shape, this can ultimately cut your hosting fees.

Flexible- Laravel offers the ability to create a straightforward and expert B2B website and a full-featured eCommerce website. It can design and support many advanced features for your site, like password reset and encryption, because of its comprehensive pre-installed authorisation libraries. There are also a ton of third-party packages that you can utilise to give your website a variety of features and functionality, including Socialite, which lets people sign in to your site using their social media profiles if you integrate that feature. 

Easy Integration with Third Parties- Many websites require some integration with third-party programs. Whatever the integration, Laravel makes connecting third-party programs simple.


Shortage of True Experts- Due to its automated features, Laravel may appear straightforward. However, this is deceptive. Since many developers overestimate their knowledge, there should be more highly skilled Laravel professionals.

Easy to Learn but Hard to Master- For beginners, Laravel is easy to learn and get familiar with. But this framework has a broader range to learn and master. Finding the best quality Laravel engineers is also tricky.


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Working with Laravel will take more focus and expertise. The most important thing is ensuring the developers are skilled and understand how to balance adding new features with paying off technical debt.

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