14 December 2015

Galle Dutch Fort is known as the best-preserved sea fort in South Asia. It is located in the island’s southernmost point, 173km away from Colombo. As a living heritage site, this 90 hectare(222 acre) of land is representing a superb blend of architecture. The formations of this beautiful peace of land are reflecting coastal areas of Portugal. The fall of Galle to the Dutch in 1640, resembled Galle city with fortified cites of Europe. The deep verandahs of houses supported by timber or masonry pillars can be introduced as the Dutch and the English colonial styles. Although Galle Dutch Fort was originally established by the Portuguese in the 16th Century, it crossed its zenith under Dutch rule in the 18th Century. Under Dutch rule, a plenty of spacious houses, wide roads and all necessary facilities were developed.

There is nothing which can compete with the Dutch Fort in Galle when it comes to fortified towns.

This world heritage site on the south coast is had been the main part of call for ships sailing between East an Europe.

At present, inside the Fort you can find that it exudes old-world charm. You can see remaining magnificent buildings within the ramparts and stonewalls of the old Galle Fort. There are plenty of Dutch colonial villas on narrow streets. You are able to see that there are several museum and antique shops that display the beauty of the island’s colonial era. Dutch Reformed Church can be introduced as the most absorbing Dutch architecture.