22 February 2017

Modern technology has made a revolutionary transformation in our life. Be it education or business, healthcare or entertainment, almost every aspect of our life is taking benefit from the Internet and a wide range of online tools, applications and portals. In addition, technology has a great bonding with today’s business owners. Most businesses especially those that have established their online presence use various kinds of business applications for effective business transactions.

While a business needs to manage their employees and keep them focused on their work, this all should be done efficiently and effectively. There are heaps of business applications being developed everyday to make sure that this bonding grows stronger. Software and apps such as Solar Accounts, Toggl, NetSuite, Mozy and Vyew are designed to help businesses increase productivity and maximize revenue.

Here are 10 best business apps that every business owner should keep up with them in order to stay on track.

  1. Tree.io

    Tree.io is a new business app and has gained huge popularity in short time. It provides powerful tools for purposeful sales, CRM and project management. Also, you get an excellent personalized support service that aims at empowering your support staff. It’s useful for creating milestones to give your staff something to work, moving tasks between different projects and lots more. Tree.io is free for an indefinite period for up to 3 users and can be perfectly suitable for small businesses. This app also has a pro plan available for £9 per user per month which can be used for unlimited users.

  2. Google Docs

    Google Docs has countless users across the world. It provides an extremely useful way to manage and share your documents. You can upload anything related to your business such as spreadsheets, documents, reports and presentations from your PC within no time. Not only this, you and your team members can also view and edit what you have uploaded on Google Docs. All it takes is a Google account which is completely free of charge and enables you to have an access to other services such as Gmail and Google Talk. You can also use Google Docs and have an access to your documents using your mobile phone from anywhere.

  3. Evernote

    It’s such an amazing application that has been specifically designed to help you with perfect organization of everything related to your business. Evernote has 100 million users so far from all around the world. It has multiple functions and usages such as taking notes, creating and saving documents and photos and so forth. You can clip web pages, use audio clips for taking notes, and share them across gadgets. This free business app is compatible with blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows.

  4. Addappt

    Changes do occur in our life. Be it personal or professional, people often change their contact details such as phone number or email IDs. Similarly, when it’s about a business, many times it happens that people connected with your business in any mean change their details and ask you to update their details in your record. With Addappt, your contacts can automatically update their details on your device and therefore your records are automatically updated without your interaction. Addappt is compatible with iOS and is available for free.

  5. Checkmark

    You may be one of those businessmen who want their checklist work productively. If so, Checkmark is a best app for you. It provides to-do list, reminder, contacts, locations and so forth. For instance, if you are passing by the dry cleaners, this particular app will strike a chord reminding you to pick up your clothes.

  6. LogMeIn

    What could be more beneficial for an entrepreneur to be able to access his computer from anywhere in the world? No matter what your location is, LogMeln has practically made this possible for you to get to your computer and run anything on it using your smartphone. All you need to benefit from this application is to have WiFi connectivity and the software on your computer. LogMeln is available for free on devices with Android whereas it costs you $29.99 if you are an iOS user.

  7. LinkedIn and CardMunch

    It is designed to serve businesses as an affective social network. LinkedIn not only connects you with other businesses but also helps individuals find jobs, groups and keep track of rivals. This is a free business app and can run on different systems such Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and iOS. LinkedIn goes hand-in-hand with CardMunch which works as business cards for your social media contacts. It is particularly designed to convert business cards to address book contacts which are then added as LinkedIn connections. It’s a free application and runs on iOS based devices.

  8. agreeAdate

    It’s a perfect organizer- type- app for your business that allows you to organize meetings, conferences, appointments, employee interviews and so forth. Furthermore, agreeAdate enables you to find out when people are free for meeting or appointment so that you can plan a program as per everyone’s convenient. The software requires a free- of- charge registration. If you are free member of agreeAdate, then you can schedule meetings or other events for 10 people while premium members have the facility to create events for more people at the cost of $3.99 or $7.99.

  9. GoToMeeting

    Now you can have up to 15 people from different parts of city, country or even worldwide for an online conference at a time. GoToMeeting allows you to share your screen with all the participants, hand over control to another member and change the screens that are being shared. The app comes with a free 30- day trial and you’ll need to pay £29 per month after that.

  10. FlightTrack

    When running a business, you may have to travel around various places. Serving as a visual flight tracking app, FlightTrack can run on both iOS and Android and is available for $4.99. You get real time flight departures and gate numbers for specific flights across the world. FlightTrack not only indicates if your flight is delayed or cancelled but also helps you find an alternative one.

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