21 March 2017

Software market has been having a rapid growth during the past decade, resulting in numerous ready-made software targeting pretty much every possible industry available. If you are looking for the options of getting a software for a business, you probably have gone through the seemingly attractive features of the readymade software that many companies are selling. Then why do we say that your business truly needs a Custom-made software? Read on to find out.

First of all, to make things simple, let us briefly tell you the two most important reasons you should always go for a custom software.

  1. Ready-made software will never meet the exact needs and standards of your company

  2. Only custom made software gives you the complete autonomy, security, and ownership

It is true that a custom-made software tends to cost you more than purchasing a ready-made software off the shelf. However, what you need to understand is that the software around which your company runs works as the central nervous system through which the most important functions of your company runs. It is truly one of the biggest investments you make for your business, and a decision like that should not be taken based only on the basis of how much it costs.

Let us go into detail about what exactly your business need a custom software.

Make the Software work for you, not the other way around!

Although the procedures of work may be similar when working in a certain industry, there are numerous processes which are unique from one company to another. This is why that one size fits all software will never be the perfect fit for your company.

When you get a readymade software, you will need to basically change the functioning of your business in a way that matches the software, rather than making it enhance your already ongoing process. While the overall cost for a readymade software may be lower than a custom made one, you will probably be paying for a lot more features that you will never use, unlike creating a bespoke software that matches your business perfectly.

A custom made software for your business simplifies your training process, reduces the clutter, gives you the full control and flexible enough to change if you need to add or remove features as your business progresses.

Make your software an asset to your company

A bespoke and cutting edge software which is designed to meet the exact needs and operational procedures of your company will surely be an asset that will set you apart from the average competitors in the market. A good business software increases the productivity and efficiency of an overall business, giving you an extra leverage to perform better than the rest. A custom software makes your procedures unique and different, giving you differentiate to highlight yourself from the competitors who do the same thing in different places.

Why blend with the rest when you can innovate and lead

When you use the same readymade software that everyone else in the industry uses, it blends you in with them and restricts you in being more creative and innovative in your procedures. If you have a clear vision as to what exactly you want your business to be and how you want the operations to go, why do you blend in with the rest by doing the exact same thing that they are doing?

A software is always a solution to an existing problem, and by going for a custom software, you can laser focus in getting the best solution for your business without getting an unfocused and general solution that vaguely covers everything.

At the end of the day, what you need is the best for your business. What you need is a competitive advantage among the rest. What you need is a software solution that caters to every possible aspect of your company. And to achieve all that, what your business need is a custom made software that increases your productivity, focus and the ability to scale and adapt as your company grows and develops.

We are experts in making fully bespoke software that delivers exactly what is promises.

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