02 August 2022

Hasini Chamali

As a responsible corporate citizen, Sanmark always expects social well-being and be with every social hazard.

We are happy to inform you that we have completed our first stage of the HIUS project. To overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanmark developed the HIUS for free to be used in hospitals under the Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka to help the healthcare sector manage resources during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This system allows the collection of hospital management data in a centralised manner.

We developed this system, including many features to overcome the Covid pandemic.

  • Diagrammatic representation of data to make decisions quickly and accurately
  • Multiple users with different permissions
  • Diagramatic data comparison to easily understand the changes in the status
  • Easy accessibility
  • Simple user interfaces are designed to make the system easily usable for people with less technical experience.
  • Email and SMS reminders to avoid forgetting data entering
  • Instant circular updating system
  • Instant messaging system

The Ministry of Health is actively using the HIUS project. We develop new features and maintain the system regularly, and we plan to build this system’s features in the future too.