26 October 2022


It’s time to unleash the leader in you.

Good leaders serve as role models for the people they manage by motivating, empowering, and fostering communication. Effective leadership in the workplace translates to long-term success, excellent morale, and high staff retention. As our first experience, Sanmark Solutions proudly held a Leadership Development Programme on the 22nd of October at Green Heaven Hotel in Meetiyagoda.

We invited two certified training consultants, Mr Mahesh Priyankara and Mr Sameera Lakmal, to conduct this program. The programme was designed to allow Sanmark employees to develop leadership competencies. The programme was packed with excitement, team-building activities, and critical thinking development. Our employees successfully absorbed leadership skills from the activities in the program and got a feel of how they could apply them in real-world situations.

Leadership-programme Leadership-programme