16 June 2023

Hasini Chamali

As a testament to our commitment to a holistic work-life balance, Sanmark organized its annual company trip, extending a well-deserved break to all our employees and their family members. On a captivating journey spanning three days, we delved into the cultural richness and natural beauty of Dambulla, Polonnaruwa, and Minneriya.

Our itinerary covered an awe-inspiring visit to the Sigiriya rock fortress in Dambulla, a thrilling safari through the vast expanses of Minneriya National Park, and an insightful walk through the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. This trip was more than just sightseeing; it was an immersive experience of our nation’s glorious past and its splendid biodiversity.

We treated ourselves to the luxuries of top-notch hotels that offered us an elegant blend of comfort and sophistication. Nights were alive with joyous laughter, delicious feasts, and energetic dance-offs. Days were filled with exploration and lively chatter.

In a heartwarming initiative, this year, we extended the invitation to the families of our married employees, turning the annual trip into a wholesome, family-friendly experience. Having our employees’ loved ones join the trip brought an extra layer of warmth and happiness to our journey, allowing us to bond not just as colleagues, but as an extended family.

We were also delighted to have two of our international clients join us on this memorable trip. Their participation was an opportunity to strengthen our relationships outside of a professional setting and let them experience the convivial spirit of Sanmark.

As always, Sanmark sponsored this grand escapade, reaffirming our commitment to ensuring a balanced work-life atmosphere for our employees. It was an unforgettable three days of exploration, relaxation, and jubilation, with everyone returning to work rejuvenated, their hearts full of memorable moments.

We are now back at work, carrying with us the vibrancy and the cherished memories of this year’s annual trip. While we eagerly look forward to next year’s adventure, we keep its location a delightful secret for now. Stay tuned to find out where we’re headed next on our annual journey of bonding and exploration.