13 January 2017

SWATCH 2016 was different, to say the least. All previous annual trips we spent travelling to multiple places. But in this one, we went to one place and stayed a couple of days there. We went to Meemure!

We outsourced the organization of this trip to “Yaman” (Sinhala for “Let’s go”.), a travel and tours company run by a few of young dudes from Galle. So, unlike previous years, we did not have to worry about finding accommodations, places to eat, transportation or anything like that. Yaman guys already had a plan for our trip.

Their bus came to our office at 4 AM the day we went, and we stopped at “Jinadasage Thalaguli” for breakfast. A popular restaurant in Sri Lanka where we had dinners and breakfasts in a couple of previous trips as well.

Meemure is a village located in the Knuckles Mountain Range. The go there, you must turn to a small road from Kandy – Mahiyanganaya highway at Hunnasgiriya. On the road to Meemure from Hunnasgiriya, you pass Loolwaththa, a village of which the most residents are workers in the surrounding plantations.

We stayed in a home of a villager, who was so accommodating.

It was a great time that we spent in the beautiful village of Meemure. It has no network coverage. So our mobile devices were only used for taking photos. It was truly a time to connect with our own selves even more than with the nature. It was a refreshing break from the technological world.