17 December 2015

With approximately 1600 km of of palm fringed Coastline baked to perfection surrounding the country Sri Lanka is known as the ideal destination for beach bums worldwide. May it be windsurfing, kayaking, yachting, water skiing, scuba diving or jut lazing around for the perfect tan, Sri Lanka offers all of it.

If concern specially about Galle distric, there are plenty of famous tourists destinations in this beautiful district. Unawatuna beach, Hikkaduwa beach, Ambalangoda beach and Kosgoda beach are known as the famous sea beaches in Galle district where you can find glowing coral reefs and chic boutique hotels.

If concern about Ambalangoda town in Galle, it is known as a very famous place for traditional low country dancing events including mask meusems. A lots of tourists are gathering here to discover our cultural heritage.

Every tourist who visits Sri Lanka will never leave this beautiful Island without paying a visit to turtles in Kosgoda which is also situated in Galle district. The turtles are known as a rare species in the world. Since female turtles are coming to Kosgoda beach to lay, this place is also a famous tourist destination in Sri Lanka. There are a few centers where turtles are being looked after in Kosgoda area.

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