19 December 2022

Java is a computing platform and programming language that Sun Microsystems initially launched in 1995. It has grown from its modest origins to power a significant portion of today’s digital world by offering a solid foundation for numerous services and applications to build upon. Cutting-edge goods and digital services created for the future still uses Java.

Java is a general-purpose, class-based, object-oriented programming language with few implementation dependencies. It is a computer application development platform, and Java is fast, secure, and reliable. Developers commonly use Java to create applications for smartphones, game consoles, laptops, data centers, and other devices.

Importance of Java

Compared to other languages and environments, Java offers many advantages that make it appropriate for many programming activities.

  • Simple and Easily Readable

    You’ll discover that Java is generally simple to use. For people who are just starting to study programming, this is ideal. It is easier to understand, write, and maintain since it is a high-level language, which is considerably closer to human language than machine language.

  • Enduring Power

    The Java programming language’s endurance is one of its most evident advantages. Java, first released in 1995, is still one of the most popular programming languages, despite the many rivals cropping up.

    Its longevity guarantees that older applications will continue to function correctly in the future, and its status as one of the oldest programming languages have all contributed to the language’s undeniable value.

    Additionally, given its longevity, you may assume that any query or issue has a quick response or solution online, making life much simpler and more convenient for software engineers.

  • Outstanding Tools

    Java offers top-notch developer tools and manuals that guarantee productivity for its developers. By doing this, they can complete the task efficiently and with few defects.

    Java also has a comprehensive API supported by many free, open-source ecosystems. Additionally, the community-driven process ensures that growth continues on the proper path.

  • Thriving Community

    With over 9 million developers globally, the Java community is renowned for being passionate. It indicates the level of support you may anticipate from such a sizable and vibrant community, which we can identify as one of Java developers’ best attributes.

    In the programming field, it is crucial to offer and receive assistance and have as many helpful tools as possible that would facilitate progress. The Java ecosystem provides a wide range of tools and libraries to make things simpler for its developers because of this.

Java’s valuable features

  1. Object-Oriented

    Java expands the functionality of C++, which is partially object-oriented, to become a completely object-oriented programming language. It has several crucial characteristics that define it as an object-oriented framework, including:

    • Abstraction
    • Encapsulation
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
  2. Platform Independence

    Java uses the WORA philosophy (Writing Once, Run Anywhere). Java translates its code into bytecode, an intermediate format that the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) will use to execute. Any system that runs a JVM can execute the Java code.

  3. Robust

    Java helps programmers develop essential programming practices necessary for building extremely dependable applications. Java relies on a straightforward memory management model that uses the automatic garbage collection feature, unlike C and C++.

  4. Secure

    The language and runtime system both have safety mechanisms built in. These consist of compile-time static type checking and runtime checking. With these characteristics in place, breaking into a Java application from the outside becomes difficult.

  5. Architectural Dynamic

    Java is architecture neutral because it lacks characteristics that depend on the implementation; for instance, it uses fixed size for primitive types.

    The int data type in C programming requires 2 bytes of memory for 32-bit and 4 bytes for 64-bit architecture. However, Java’s 32-bit and 64-bit architectures take up 4 bytes of memory.

  6. Great Performance

    The Java compiler is built for speed. The Java compiler converts Java code into bytecode before compiling it. The JVM (Java Virtual Machine) receives it before converting it to machine-level code.

  7. Multi-Threaded

    The Java language supports multithreading, which means that engineers can use Java to create apps with multiple concurrent streams of activity, and they are very dynamic and responsive.

  8. Distributed

    Java is also a distributed language. Systems can use computer networks to run specific programs. For using TCP/IP protocols for communication, Java includes a dedicated class library. Compared to C/C++, creating network connections is much simpler in Java.

  9. Inspired by C and C++

    The predecessors of more modern programming languages like Java and Python are well-established C and C++. Even though Java, C, and C++ are reasonably similar. As a result, having a basic understanding of C and C++ makes learning Java easier.

  10. Simple

    Any language is made easy by the ease of reading and writing. Due to Java’s clear syntax terminology, this is true. With a rudimentary understanding of the underlying principles of programming, anyone can start using Java right away.

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So we now understand what characteristics make Java a popular and helpful programming language among programmers, software developers, and data science specialists. Its adaptable nature makes it possible for programmers to create code that works on any machine. Programmers can develop scalable and high-performance programs because of the outstanding characteristics of this universal programming language.

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