27 December 2022

Our daily lives are influenced by our mobile devices, particularly when it comes to internet purchasing. It is even more true when using a specialised app for shopping. Forbes reports that 85% of online customers prefer native e-commerce apps to e-commerce websites.

There are countless benefits to converting your Shopify business into a mobile app, even if it’s performing well. A mobile app will dramatically increase your sales and clientele.

You may expand your online store’s capabilities with a mobile app. The appropriate decision has already been made when choosing Shopify to fuel your online business. It’s time to follow the crowd and create a mobile e-commerce app.

An e-commerce software with an intuitive and efficient design can assist online stores in increasing sales. Additionally, that prized location on a client’s home screen and notifications screen may present extra marketing possibilities and foster client loyalty.

E-commerce Apps: What are They?

Software called an “e-commerce app” or “mobile commerce app” enables users to explore and buy products from online stores.

These apps are helpful for customers as well as business owners. In a dedicated place, brands can interact with consumers more effectively, and customers can customise and manage their experience.

It is important to distinguish an e-commerce app from social commerce, developing sales channels using social media, such as selling on Facebook or purchasing on Instagram. While social commerce is an important and expanding trend, an “e-commerce app” is specialised software linked to a particular brand.

What Characteristics Does an E-commerce App Have?

While there are significant differences between various e-commerce platforms in appearance and style, all mobile commerce apps have a few necessary and intelligent features.

  1. Browse and Search Options.

    The goal of an e-commerce app is to make locating things as simple as possible, whether looking for a specific item or exploring the most recent products.

  2. Shopping Carts.

    Every mobile commerce app must have a shopping cart so users can quickly add products, change quantities, etc.

  3. Customer Service

    Customers may require assistance navigating an online store if they have made a mistake with their purchase or wish to make a return or exchange. That procedure is made much easier when e-commerce customer support is available within their mobile app.

  4. Push Notifications.

    You can inform clients of restocked products, remind them of items they still have in their shopping carts, and more by activating push notifications.

  5. Multiple Payment Options.

    A simple and seamless checkout procedure is made possible by having a variety of payment alternatives. The option to pay with a credit card, through a service like PayPal, or with a purchase now, pay later company like Affirm gives clients some further options.

Benefits of Having an E-commerce Application.

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Creating an e-commerce app is advantageous for consumers and business owners, regardless of the type of e-commerce app that best suits your business strategy.

This is how:

  • Speed.

    E-commerce apps are often faster and more user-friendly than mobile websites because they save their data locally on mobile devices. With a quick mobile app, users are less likely to abandon their carts, and business owners are more likely to boost their income potential. Faster load times can also result in higher conversion and reduced bounce rates.

  • Visibility.

    It’s a great win if your e-commerce app appears on your clients’ home screens. Additionally, online retailers may contact their customers wherever they are—even if interacting with another app—using features like push notifications.

  • Personalization

    Customers may customise their shopping experiences with e-commerce applications, whether it’s through preserving their sizes or adding their favourite things to a wish list. In return, business managers can learn more about their customers’ wants and customise real-time communication to suit each individual’s tastes.

  • Brand loyalty

    E-commerce apps also allow business owners to increase brand loyalty and consumer retention. Additionally, App users are three times more likely to make a subsequent purchase. Additionally, they generate over three times as much income as average buyers.

    There is a reason why e-commerce apps are so popular. These applications make it easy for customers to spend their time (and money) with your brand by providing critical tools such as push alerts, a shopping cart, numerous payment choices, and customer care.

    A specialised mobile app may also help individuals in the e-commerce industry expand their visibility and revenue and generate a sense of brand loyalty with the touch of a button. What’s the best part? Customers can tailor their experience to ensure they get exactly what they want.

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