Sanmark Solutions
20 June 2022
Hasini Chamali

When it comes to startups and SMEs, the model of SaaS or Software as a Service is getting more and more popular. Nowadays you can find applications for almost everything....

17 June 2022
Hasini Chamali

Big Data is changing everything all around the world. Different kinds of companies in different sectors are using big data to make informed decisions and to understand their clients better....

06 June 2022
Hasini Chamali

Artificial Intelligence can do a lot for SMEs. However, most of them are reluctant to embrace it because of the myths that surround it. Let’s see how it can help....

30 May 2022
Hasini Chamali

Virtually unheard of a decade prior, and everyone’s talking about it today, fueled in popularity during the epidemic period is the term “Work from Home”. It refers to the practice...

23 May 2022
Hasini Chamali

You know by now that social networks are a fundamental promotional channel for an online store since they bring us benefits in sales and marketing. The creation of a professional...

17 May 2022
Hasini Chamali

The coronavirus pandemic made an unprecedented impact worldwide, creating one of the biggest challenges for businesses all around the world.

09 May 2022
Hasini Chamali

Some years ago, if you wanted to have a business, you needed to find a profitable product or service and start offering it to the public. However, since the Internet...

02 May 2022
Hasini Chamali

Many small businesses, especially new ones, have tight budgets. They focus on necessities and urgent matters. They only invest money when they need to. So, it’s easy to see why...

25 April 2022
Hasini Chamali

Nowadays, computer technology has become ever-present in our lives. Today there are apps for practically anything, and there are different technologies that make those applications possible. Programming languages and frameworks...

14 March 2018
Helen Morrice

The popularity of mobile applications cannot be underestimated. In fact, including a mobile app to the business strategy is an indeed winning move for any startup. If you come up...