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10 October 2022
Sandun Cooray

What is Computer Aided Manufacturing?

03 October 2022
Sandun Cooray

Not all organizations are created similarly. Every firm has a unique set of strategic requirements. They need an organizational structure encouraging better business operations to meet those requirements.

28 September 2022
Hasini Chamali

COVID-19 was a hugely challenging pandemic the world had to face. As the spread accelerated, it was difficult for countries to overcome this pandemic. As the records granted by WHO,...

26 September 2022
Sandun Cooray

Many businesses are motivated to launch operations in foreign markets to pursue global expansion in today’s environment. It is due to the vast array of opportunities available through going global,...

19 September 2022
Sandun Cooray

Your company’s most valuable resource is the collective knowledge of its employees. And one of the essential requirements for success is the efficient management of such an asset. However, business...

13 September 2022
Sandun Cooray

Every project manager knows how important it is to choose the best technique for the work. While there are many project management approaches, we’ve selected the most effective ones and...

05 September 2022
Sandun Cooray

What is a Data Platform?

29 August 2022
Sandun Cooray

Most people have encountered a circumstance where they know what must be stated but are unsure of the most effective way to say it. As important as the message itself...

22 August 2022
Sandun Cooray

The main reason for creating a mobile app for your business is to increase user engagement and expand reach. For most industries, a mobile strategy is now a must. It...

15 August 2022
Sandun Cooray

Establishing an online business is not just about the selection, cost, and quality of service. Your online store’s interface and practical features should impress and attract customers.